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29 April 2018

On indefinite hiatus.

19 April 2018

I've been working on a side project but it'll be a while before I'm ready to share (sorry!)

13 April 2018

My holiday got cancelled. They were double-booked and even though I booked first, the other party is staying longer and paying more therefore I got cancelled. Beyond that, I have no words.

11 April 2018

Was interrupted partway through page mods for previous update and subsequently got hella confused about what was done, part done, and still to do. So there may be some broken links. Please drop me a note on my profile about what needs fixing. I'm going to be away for a few days starting the 13th so I'd really like to get things fixed before that.

Also, a poll (voting closes May 31st).

8 April 2018

Uploaded some bullet gifs to indicate new/updated content, initially for the links page. Added a credits page to list the third-party resources (mainly images and javascript) that I've used. Also, a poem.

3 April 2018

Minor update for links, and a more substantial update for about me. :)

2 April 2018

When I started this site a month ago (seems longer??) I thought that by now I'd have a finalised design that's webstandards compliant (*shoots tea out of nose*), at least one story and three opinion pieces posted, and be relearning javascript tweaks I thought I mastered many years ago (if I did, I don't seem to remember any of it!) - none of this has happened. I'm starting to get annoyed with this design (pencilline) - it's too bright and cheerful for starters, and the coding is a horrible mess, and none of the lists are properly styled, and things that aren't lists that should be lists are a hotch-potch as well... Yeah, any excuse to beat myself up (figuratively) and generally procrastinate on actually fixing anything. Also, avoiding sleep. Again. It's 1:30am. But it's too warm in here and I can't open the window because all the insects will fly in and torture me. Complain, complain. Good at it, aren't I. Meantimes no actual updating has occurred. The usual.

1 April 2018

It's past midday. Just so you know :)

I've been busy with Real Life so still no proper updates. I have a story half-written, but only in my head, because I wanted to finalise internal navigation first. I'm still undecided on internal navigation so nothing has been done yet. I have a couple of rants/opinion pieces in mind to do, but again, nothing actually written yet. So many plans, so little motivation to actually Get It Done. Well, not motivation, more self-discipline. This is my biggest Adulting Fail, overall. Making myself do what needs doing, in an appropriate timeframe. Like, not 6 months later and only because someone is going to see (aka Can't-Have-Anyone-Over Syndrome - but thank goodness it's not just me!)

So that's my excuse this week, and probably every other week as well.

Edit: Decided this page was getting too long. Older posts will be archived on index_older.html. Not in any kind of logical way, of course. Just whenever I feel like this page is getting too long, again. :)

Also added a dedicated links page, rather than have them all on this page as well. A piffling update of exit links shouldn't count as an actual "update", methinks.

26 March 2018

I made a completely pointless poll at strawpoll.me/15357961.
Also did the personality test at seemypersonality. It didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. Unfortunately the results page seized up when I was trying to get the link so I can't tell you what it was.
Added some other quiz results to the About Me page (not very exciting really).
And finally, made a quiz at GoToQuiz, but please don't take it too seriously - A bit odd, because I am.

25 March 2018

Sleep? What the heck is that?? Didn't mean to stay up all night but there's no point trying to sleep for 43 minutes then having to be awake again. I got carried away looking at stuff (resources, mainly, for webdev). Also kinda sulking because the boyf didn't answer any of my texts yesterday. He does that sometimes. I'm trying not to be hopelessly needy but he makes it worse when he avoids me. He doesn't see it as avoiding, more a case of "I didn't know what to say so I didn't say anything" (but any old emoji would do, really, but he'd rather pretend he didn't see my message[s] until it was "too late"). Aggravation, much?

24 March 2018

Hurt my back slightly (Monday, I think) so I haven't been able to sit at the desk much for several days, so no proper updates for a week and I've slightly lost track of what I was doing... so there may be 404s. Sorry in advance and I'll fix it soon as I can. Ideally I shouldn't upload now at all because I have to go out soon and I don't know when I'll be back (and will probably be too tired to work on this again tonight) but I don't want it to look like I lost interest.

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