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New Year's Resolutions


Mainly for my own amusement, here's my list of New Year's Resolutions. I've lapsed on most of them, of course. Wah.

  1. keep personal diary on a daily basis
  2. empty PO mailbox regularly
  3. call mum at least once a week
  4. get out of the house at least once a week, recreationally aka for non-essential reasons (ie other than for shopping, doctor's appointment, etc)
  5. get rid of all the books, clothes, DVDs etc I'm never going to use again
  6. spend more time with Megan
  7. try to save some money, $50 a month (?)
  8. try to lose another 10kg this year
  9. be happy on my own terms
  10. spend more time with Rowena
  11. listen to music more often

Sure, I could strike out the failures, but it's only March. I might add to this later... confessing my sins... haha. No.

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