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26 March 2018

I made a completely pointless poll at strawpoll.me/15357961.
Also did the personality test at seemypersonality. It didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. Unfortunately the results page seized up when I was trying to get the link so I can't tell you what it was.
Added some other quiz results to the About Me page (not very exciting really).
And finally, made a quiz at GoToQuiz, but please don't take it too seriously - A bit odd, because I am.

25 March 2018

Sleep? What the heck is that?? Didn't mean to stay up all night but there's no point trying to sleep for 43 minutes then having to be awake again. I got carried away looking at stuff (resources, mainly, for webdev). Also kinda sulking because the boyf didn't answer any of my texts yesterday. He does that sometimes. I'm trying not to be hopelessly needy but he makes it worse when he avoids me. He doesn't see it as avoiding, more a case of "I didn't know what to say so I didn't say anything" (but any old emoji would do, really, but he'd rather pretend he didn't see my message[s] until it was "too late"). Aggravation, much?

24 March 2018

Hurt my back slightly (Monday, I think) so I haven't been able to sit at the desk much for several days, so no proper updates for a week and I've slightly lost track of what I was doing... so there may be 404s. Sorry in advance and I'll fix it soon as I can. Ideally I shouldn't upload now at all because I have to go out soon and I don't know when I'll be back (and will probably be too tired to work on this again tonight) but I don't want it to look like I lost interest.

18 March 2018

Again not sleeping when I should be, but I've messed up my meds (not entirely unintentionally, but mainly by not paying attention) so I'm mentally hyper even though my body aches and craves rest, so I know if I lie down I won't sleep anyway, I'll just be annoyed at myself because I can't stop thinking and by the time I fall asleep it'll be time to get up, so I'd rather run myself into the ground then spend Monday (if not Tuesday also) in a coma. Or, yanno, just cognitively dead.

Meantimes I'm having way too much fun reading other people's neocities pages (especially owlman). Thus not only am I not sleeping when I should, I'm not even working on my own stuff, which was my only "justification" for not at the very least lying down (which my neck would really like me to do). Um, yeah.

16 March 2018

So now that I have a chance to sleep, of course I am not sleeping. There are things I want to write, things I want to read, things that need to be looked up/researched...

15 March 2018

I'm so confused now and bogged down in at least five variations of this design (cosmetic variations mostly). I'm heading back towards thinking using javascript to put navigation in is a massive pain and I definitely shouldn't bother. It's just that I'm not comfortable with forcing people to go back to the index to find something else to look at. I don't want to do frames. Unless I do them ironically on purpose (hahahaha). But not for general usage.

If I had php here it would be simple. I can do includes with php. It would be done already. But getting javascript to work with my stylesheets... omg what a pain. Line breaks being put in wrong places is the main problem. Divs being bumped out of alignment is the second-most-annoying problem. This is meant to be fun ... and I'm not getting paid to do this. If I was getting paid, different story; I would keep at it until it was fixed (in Firefox at least, ahhmm). So to avoid the javascript headache, each section has an index page which lists all the contents of that section and every subpage has a link to its section's index, and mayyyybe I will do a site map as well to tie it all together.

13 March 2018

I do want to get this site to a certain standard of functionality so I can get on with all my ideas for content. I know that if I leave it and try to fix it later it will be worse, messier, more likely to break completely. Structure first, content second. Yet... procrastinating comes more naturally than knuckling down and getting it done. So I'm browsing other neocities pages, saving endless javascript examples (not from neocities) to hopefully relearn from, getting a neckache (again) from this decidedly un-ergonomic arrangement I have (chair that won't adjust high enough, desk that won't adjust at all). And it's past lunchtime and I haven't really done anything yet, of any kind of thing. Dishes need washing, I could do with a shower, webpage still waiting to be fixed... Ohboy.

12 March 2018

Achieved nothing yesterday. Have been the same weight for a month. Feeling down for a variety of reasons. Just wanna hide in my room and immerse in webdev (some relearning, some new) but I have obligations... not all of them repugnant but right now it's all hanging over me like a dark cloud. Ugh.

11 March 2018

Physically taxing day yesterday but didn't achieve anything really. Going to have another go at integrated navigation using javascript. I was thinking about it in the afternoon and couldn't remember why I'd decided against it. Sleep deprivation strikes again.

9 March 2018

There's this super-cute purple car on facebook marketplace. I would buy it only a) I don't have that kind of money, b) I couldn't legally drive it anyway. But I wish I could buy it and pay someone else to drive me around in it. That would cheer me up so much.

Also: I was going to be clever and use javascript to insert the internal navigation links in every page so I don't have to update every page every time I add a new page... but I think it's more trouble than it's worth. Also I don't want every single page in the top level of the site anyway so I will also have to mess with relative versus absolute paths and more than likely bollz* it up frequently and get massively peeved and ... nah, not worth it. So I will have to think of another solution.

* Intentional misspelling.

Later... I really miss my old html editor. I think it was called HomeSite? I got it as a demo freebie off a CD stuck to the cover of a magazine back in 1999 I think. I can use Notepad no problem but I'm so out of touch with webstandards now that when I paste my code into the neocities editor I get all kinds of error warnings in the left column so code that was valid three or five years ago is now apparently wrong and I might as well start all over again, so a context checker would be useful. Also because idiot Windoze 10 has certain "features" that will let me edit .html files in Notepad if I right-click on Notepad on the taskbar and select "edit", but if I right-click on a .html file in Explorer and select "edit" it tries to open it in something else, which I don't want. So bloody annoying.

8 March 2018

Yay! I have a follower! Hello September =)

I've had another unproductive day. Only myself to blame. I should have gone to sleep at a sensible time and set an alarm and got up when the alarm went off instead of staying up til 2am watching rubbish on the telly (entertaining, amusing, cautionary-tale rubbish, but still rubbish). And then sleeping all morning. And part of the afternoon. And eating too much. When I'm not active I should lay off the carbs. I know this but I still weaken. Willpower, apparently, is not something you exercise but something you use up. If this is true then I probably used up a week's worth on Sunday. Or it's just another excuse. I really need to get myself in gear. Lying around all day feeling sorry for myself isn't helping. I'm my own worst enemy, all that.

New page: New Year's Resolutions (because reading other people's good intentions is fun, right?)
Another new page: bad dreams (because reading other people's dreams is fascinating, right?)

7 March 2018

Okay, I stayed up all night making a layout. It looks fine (if you have a modern browser using css and a screen width of greater than 800 pixels) but I admit the underlying code has problems. I know, alright? I know it's an awful mess. I will fix it eventually.

6 March 2018

People are actually looking at this?? Gee, you must be bored! Haha. Okay, no, whatever. You can look at whatever. There's just not much to see here yet. You probably noticed. :p

I haven't made any progress with a proper layout. I slept most of today. Just exhausted after Sunday and Monday. Emotionally as well as physically. Mainly emotionally from Sunday and physically from Monday, because I don't sleep well these days. I've had maybe one good night's sleep in the last 2 months. I'm hoping that as the weather cools down (southern hemisphere, yo!) it might improve, but unless all the cats and dogs around here learn to shut up at night, that's not likely... And I can't sleep with headphones on unfortunately. Wah wah wah I like to complain, don't I!

3 March 2018

I've been doing things on my phone so long it's a wonder I remember how to type on a real keyboard. Making a website... yikes, it's been way too long. I remember how I used to do it but that was 3 computers ago and I don't have the same tools/software and no idea how I'm going to make the image elements of the layout I've planned in my head. Sure there are lots of image editors online, apps, whatever, but I want my old version of Photoshop but it's long gone and no way to emulate it now. Probably I'll have to put the giant original image on my phone, edit it there, then port it back to the laptop to code it up. If it doesn't kill my phone. Ancient phone. I should have upgraded already but I hate the whole process so I'm putting it off as long as possible.

Avoiding chores again today to mess about online, yep. Can't avoid them for much longer but I wanted to look up a couple of css references so I booted up and... here I am again. Nothing in email that I've been expecting for weeks now :( Boohoo.

Wow, it's been forever since I made a website. I seem to remember how to html though so I will relearn and probably add to my skills as I go. Hello :) It's Friday 2nd March 2018 and as usual I'm procrastinating about the things I should be doing (ie, chores) to do stuff that's more interesting (ie, mess about online). I guess if you want to call me something you can call me Viola (not my real name). I'm cis F if that matters. I'm not interested in meeting anyone for any reason. I'm just here to make a website which will probably be boring to everyone except me.


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