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While I normally prefer to credit third-party resources on the page where they're used, I'm starting to realise that as my site grows that's going to be impractical as it will be too easy to forget to do when making quick edits or adding new sections. Also as my design/layout changes it may no longer be practical to keep a credits list in the sidebar (new layouts might not have a sidebar?).

Thus this page will list all third parties whose content I have utilised in the making of this site. Simples 😉


Photos, icons, 100x100 userpics, backgrounds, etc.


Script snippets and/or tutorials.


These fellow Neocitizens have in some way contributed to my inspiration for this site, be it design or content. I didn't make a note of who inspired me to do what, though.


Mad props to kenny for bringing it to my attention that I'm definitely not the oldest person here. Also that I'm cool (in his opinion). Which is nice. Thanks, man!


last updated 11 April 2018



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