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Viola, F, 30+
— Viola isn't my real name :) but it has cryptic connections to my real name. I'm not massively into cryptic stuff but it amuses me sometimes. I will tell you this much: there are three vowels and two consonants in Viola, so 60% vowels to 40% consonants; in my RL full name it is the opposite.
— My gender is female, born that way, never questioned it, therefore I count myself lucky. I'm all about acceptance and inclusion, but also diversity. I like people to be themselves and to feel free to do so. Diversity is good. Hate is bad. Opinions will differ, but this is where I stand.
— Over 30. I am. Still not used to it. I don't feel over 30. I suck at adulting. I still feel about 28. Most of the time. Sometimes I feel ancient, 70? 80? I don't know... but too old to understand what the young people are talking about. ;)
— I'm not a gamer. People seem to find this strange. I've never played Angry Birds or Crossy Road or The Sims (although I did like SimCity and Lemmings, last century sometime). I know more about astrophysics than I do about WoW or GTA or ToD etc etc. I like Scrabble/Words With Friends/etc, match-3 games that aren't timer-dependent, Wii bowling... Call me vanilla or boring or old-fashioned, I don't care. :)
— I've never won a game of Monopoly.
— When I was a kid I wanted to be a spy. I thought I'd be perfect for it because I was suspicious of everyone, very observant, very tactful, and a reasonably good liar (a necessary survival tactic for dealing with my father's paranoia; wonder where I got it from, haha). I wasn't very athletic though, so it really wouldn't have worked out.
— My three favourite jobs involved working with animals, books and computers (but not all at once). None of these were what I trained in (which also wasn't astrophysics).
— I've never broken a bone. I've never been stung by a bee. I sprain my ankles a lot, though, and mosquitoes find me irresistable.
— I prefer tea to coffee. If I want caffeine I'll have a diet cola or a diet energy drink. Sugar is evil, btw.
— I'd rather watch a Western than a rom-com, and I don't like Westerns much either.
— I'm not into reality TV. Or cooking shows. I can't really watch "world's worst/best/angriest/craziest/funniest" video shows either, they mostly make me anxious. Cats/dogs/toddlers/etc make you LOL type shows are okay, but I tend to get bored with them after one viewing.
— I spend more time on Wikipedia than YouTube. I don't have a favourite YouTuber. I couldn't even name one, actually.
— I'm more likely to fall for someone's mind than their looks. My relationship status is usually "it's complicated". ;)
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Hey, I made a quiz! It's very silly: A bit odd, because I am.

And there's also a poll about the placement of the "last updated" line.

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